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Throughout my campaign and my time in office, if elected, I will be engaging with community and stakeholders around my values and priorities to identify timely issues of reform and public safety that matter to all of us – and that require a responsive policy pledge from me.


As these conversations occur, I will publish policy pledges regularly on this website and other channels for continuing public comment and review.


Please join me in these conversations in a daily, 6PM Zoom Town Hall at:


Or please email my campaign to schedule a Zoom meeting with me:



Based on what I am hearing in my on-going engagements, expect forthcoming, responsive policy pledges that address at least these issues:


  • Virginia Progressive Prosecutors for Justice & Prosecutorial Innovation

  • Community Justice Framework for Prosecution

  • Relationship-Driven Prosecution & Policing

  • The Role of Richmond’s Commonwealth’s Attorney

  • Root Cause Prosecution

  • Department of Public Safety & Community Justice

  • Prioritizing Prosecution of Key Violent Crimes & Shootings

  • Open Hiring, Open Housing, & Collateral Impact Initiatives

  • Discovery Processes

  • Diverse, Values-Based Recruitment & Hiring for the Office

  • Death Penalty Opposition

  • COVID & Incarceration

  • Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline

  • Community Standards for Incarceration & Supervision

  • Public Transparency in Prosecutorial Discretion

  • Public Safety Balance Sheet & Funding Priorities

  • Community Organization of Prosecutorial Workflow

  • 360 Management of Prosecutorial Performance

  • Civilian Review Boards

  • Public Charging Criteria for Police Use-of-Force

  • Do Not Call List

  • Public Charging Criteria for Public Assemblies

  • Responses to Calls to Defund the Police

  • Responses to Calls to Demilitarize the Police

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